About the Artist

Artist’s Statement

My paintings are more than art to me. They are a unique record of my memory, experience, and the way I perceive the world. They are a search for harmony between conflicting elements. Since I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2006, my creative process, and the images that resonate with me most, have become more fluid and abstract, less rigid in both planning and in their final result. Through abstract landscapes, I am able to bring to life the distinctive way I see the world: showing a balance in the battle between cityscapes and the power of nature. Structures are softened or silhouetted by their surroundings.

I use small watercolor studies from my travels in Ireland, Spain, Italy, Bermuda, and Colorado. Different components of these small studies are pulled together and combined on large canvases. The experience of travelling and painting in these dramatically different places has given my work new depth and meaning – where before I painted solely what I saw, now my paintings have become translations of my first impressions. My mind makes sense of the world in its own way, using a compilation of images and memories to create a permanent record of my emotions and experiences.

– Cathy Hozack


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Burren College of Art, Ireland
- fall semester study abroad program


Creative Sparks Art Award

Cuff/Sammak Prize for Abstract Painting
Charles Toppan Prizes - Non Curriculum
Gilbert M. Cantor Memorial Scholarship

Deena Gu Purchase Prize

All awards between 2004 and 2006 are from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

The Cuff/Sammak Prize for Abstract Painting, first awarded in 1990, is awarded to the student who recognizes the properties of all good painting and chooses to express those properties in an abstract or nonobjective manner.


Cathy Hozack was born in Montreal, Canada in 1980. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Painting by Cathy Hozack
Through or Over, 6 x 7 inches