My Mission

My paintings form a record of the way I perceive the world. They are a search for harmony between conflicting elements. Red sunsets can be soothing or angry, behind tranquil landscapes or spiky skylines.

Through abstract landscapes, I bring to life the distinctive way I see my surroundings: showing a balance in the battle between cityscapes and the power of nature. Structures are grounded or silhouetted by their surroundings, and I point up the contrasts and balances between them. Storms change tides, waves, beaches, and skies. Trees can soften buildings, even stark high-rises.

Filling watercolor journals in new places- rooftop views of Bermuda sunsets, seascapes from Maine, and Alaska mountain ranges- keeps my memories fresh. Then when I take more time in my studio, the paintings grow from tiny studies to lasting images. I find strong colors even in seemingly bleak locations. My clear first impressions of these places record moments that will not be there forever. 

– Cathy Hozack

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska 2015

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska 2015